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Ingestible Gastric Balloon Questions and Answers

We have compiled the frequently asked questions of our patients about the Elipse Gastric Balloon in this section for those who want to get brief information. You can read the main headings for detailed information.
Elipse gastric balloon is a type of gastric balloon placed by swallowing with water.

Is the Efficacy of the Elipse Balloon the Same as Classical Balloons?

Yes, the elipse gastric balloon appears to have the same efficacy when compared to the endoscopic gastric balloon (6-Months) . In both, an average of 15-20 KG weight loss is possible.

Who Qualifies for Elipse Gastric Balloon?

The elipse gastric balloon is an ideal option for people between the ages of 18 and 65 with a body mass index of 27-40 years. Elipse Gastric Balloon is the most suitable type of gastric balloon for people who are inconvenient to receive anesthesia or do not want to get anesthesia.

Who is not a Candidate for Elipse Balloon?

Elipse gastric balloons cannot be inserted to people who cannot be inserted gastric balloons, i.e. pregnant women, those who have previously had gastric sleeve surgery, those who use long-term cortisone, those who have undergone cancer treatment or those who have recently undergone cancer treatment. In addition, people who have difficulty swallowing and people who have undergone major surgery in the abdomen in the last 1 year are also not suitable for Elipse balloon insertion.

Will I Have Difficulty Swallowing Elipse Gastric Balloon?

In the thousands of insertions, the vast majority of patients said they had no difficulty swallowing the gastric balloon. If you have difficulty, your doctor can help you swallow a thin wire balloon.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after a gastric balloon is inserted?

After the elipse balloon insertion, you are immediately discharged; you do not need to stay in the hospital. However, in order to help you more easily in the complications that may occur, we recommend that our patients from outside stay in Istanbul for 1-3 days.

What are the Side Effects that Can Be Experienced After Elipse Balloon?

After having the elipse gastric balloon inserted, you may experience nausea, cramps and convulsions like during the adjustment period of standard gastric balloons. However, a very important point is that the incidence of these side effects is extremely low in Elipse balloon compared to classical balloons.

How Long Does the Elipse Balloon Stay in?

Elipse balloon stays in your stomach for an average of 4 months, after which it is naturally expelled from the body.

Will I Feel the Balloon Expel?

The vast majority of our patients said they did not feel the balloon being thrown. Others said they understood the balloon being thrown when they saw it in the feces, so they did not experience a sense of emptiness.

What are the Advantages of Elipse Balloon?

There are many advantages such as endoscopy, anesthesia and removal; low incidence of side effects, online follow-up and dietitian support, and the possibility of continuing to lose weight after the gastric balloon is removed from the body.

Can Elipse Gastric Balloon be Repeatable?

Yes, Elipse balloon insertion can be done more than once if deemed necessary. It is necessary to wait 6 months between two insertions.

What is the Elipse Gastric Balloon Cost?

You should contact us for price information about elipse gastric balloon. If you want to know the price of ingestible gastric balloons, just type your e-mail address in the box below. An e-mail with current gastric balloon prices will be sent to you automatically.

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