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Op. Dr. Erkam TÜLÜBAŞ

Bariatric Surgery and General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Erkam TÜLÜBAŞ is the founder and specialist physician of our clinic.

You can access the his personal website from the link below.
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He was born in 1978 in Karadeniz Ereğli. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Ereğli, he completed his medical education at Trakya University between 1997-2003. He completed his specialty training at Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital (Istanbul) between 2005-2010. As of 2017.

He still continues to treat his patients at the TLBS clinic.


He is a doctor specializing in obesity surgery, Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric By-Pass, Revision Surgery and non-surgical obesity treatment, especially in Gastric Balloon Applications.

He also performs the treatment of all diseases in the field of General Surgery.
TLBS Klinik diyetisyeni Nazlıcan Beyguoğulları


Our dietitian who specializes in bariatric diets and is very experienced in the diets applied after gastric balloon Dyt. Nazlıcan BEYGUOĞULLARI will be with you on your weight loss journey with his experience and motivating smile.

She joined our team in 2022, succeeded in gaining the appreciation and satisfaction of her clients in a short time with her personal approach and open attitude to innovations.

Dyt. Derya MUTLU

Our dietitian Dyt. Derya MUTLU, together with Diğdem AKÇA, follows up our patients and supports you in the weight loss process.

Our dietitian, who joined the TLBS Clinic team in 2021, became a part of our family with his smiling face and beautiful energy.

Life Coach Merve ULUSOY

NLP Trainer Merve KALKAN ULUSOY, who graduated from Newport American University, Department of Behavioral Sciences in 2009, provides life coaching for our patients so that they can acquire healthy eating habits during the follow-up period and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Merve ULUSOY, who joined our team in 2021, is always by our side during the weight loss process of our patients with her experience in psychological support and mentoring in the treatment of obesity patients.

Coordinator Gerçek Gökçek Kaleli

Our Patient Relations Coordinator and Assistant Gerçek Gökçek Kaleli is a constant part of our team. Thanks to our assistant, who is in constant communication with our patients and never lacks his interest and smiling face, you can communicate with us at any time and on any subject.

Our assistant, who joined the TLBS Clinic team in 2022, is our biggest assistant in communicating with you and in "Patient Follow-up", which is the most important element of obesity treatment.

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Success in obesity treatment is only possible by working together as a team, with the harmony of the Patient - Doctor and Dietitian. If you want to be one of the hundreds of people we have accomplished together and join the TLBS Clinic family, contact us.
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