Obesity Treatment with Gastric Balloon

What is Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is a medical stuff that is inflated with liquid or air, a material made of durable medical silicone, etc. Gastric balloon is the most used non-surgical method used in the treatment of obesity. Although it is often referred to as gastric balloon surgery, gastric balloon placement is not a surgical procedure.

The purpose of the gastric balloon is mainly to reduce the calories taken and to ensure weight loss. When fitted to appropriate patients and regular follow-up is provided, the gastric balloon makes a really big contribution to slimming down. According to the variety, the balloon which remains in the stomach for 4-6 or 12 months, takes up space in the stomach and reduces the volume of the stomach. So you get fuller by eating less, and at the same time you get hungry later. What makes you hungry later is that the gastric balloon slows down the passage of nutrients through the stomach. Thanks to a properly planned diet and a balloon that makes it easier for you to do this diet, the person can lose weight in a more controlled and easy way. You also gain a healthy eating habit during the time the gastric balloon is in your stomach. Another purpose of the gastric balloon is let person gain a healthy eating habit. Thus, those who insert gastric balloons do not lose weight and do not face back weight gain if they maintain a healthy eating habit.

As we mentioned at the beginning, good results can be obtained when gastric balloon placement is performed on appropriate patients. So who can the gastric balloon be fitted to? First of all, patients who have difficulty dieting and have a history of numerous unsuccessful dietary trials can benefit from the gastric balloon. There are already steps to treat obesity, and the diet should be tried first. But those who can't diet can benefit from these and similar treatments that help them to diet. One's eating habits are another issue that should be carefully evaluated. As much as a gastric balloon helps with a diet, it can't make someone lose weight if they don't adapt to their diet and continue to consume high-calorie foods. Of course, it is difficult to predict whether a person with eating disorders, diabetes addiction or constantly consuming fast-food can lose weight with a stomach balloon without a detailed assessment. Here, the doctor who inserts a gastric balloon becomes important. An experienced doctor, who has done a lot of insertions before, encountered similar cases, will be able to more accurately assess whether you are suitable for gastric balloon insertion.

The appropriate age range for gastric balloon is between 18-65 years old
One of the most important issues is that the Body Mass Index is within the appropriate range. Gastric balloon can be applied to patients between 27 and 40 V.K.I. and this group provides the most benefit from gastric balloon. Gastric balloons can also be applied to people with higher Body Mass Index but who have conditions such as serious heart failure, which prevents them from having surgery. Gastric balloons can be performed on patients who have obesity in surgical boundaries and do not want to have surgery. However, we recommend surgical options such as gastric sleeve surgery to these patients first. It is worth noting here that; gastric balloon is not an alternative to surgery. Patients who do not want to have surgery for some reason may prefer to have gastric balloons inserted; the patient's preference is of course important. However, these patients should understand that the result of gastric balloon and gastric surgery will not be the same and should be informed in detail about both methods. In the same way, we encounter patients who are not within surgical limits but want to have surgery. In the treatment of obesity, only the "appropriate method, the appropriate method" gives the results that will make the patient happy. So the question should not be, "Should I choose a gastric balloon or Gastric Sleeve Surgery?", must be "Which obesity treatment is right for me?"

Is Your Body Mass Index Suitable for Gastric Balloon?

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less than 18.5: Underweight
18.5 - 24.9:Normal weight
25 - 29.9:Overweight
30 - 34.9:Class I Obese
35 - 39.9:Class II Obese
40 upwards:Class III Obese
In summary, the right choice of balloons to lose weight with a gastric balloon, the patient's compliance with the process as well as its compliance with its doctor and dietitian is extremely important. Obesity treatment is a process that patients, doctors and dietitians will carry out as a team. And it is also an important decision that should be investigated, evaluated and then made in every aspect.

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