Intragastric Balloon Procedure

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Placement

The procedure applied with mild sedation is no different from a classical endoscopy procedure. Before the gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach, the inside of the stomach is examined with a camera to see if there are any conditions that prevent balloons from being inserted. Then the gastric balloon is placed inside the stomach and inflated. The gastric balloon is also checked with the camera and the process ends.

Gastric balloon placement takes an average of 15-20 minutes. Patients who have gastric balloons inserted can be discharged after the insertion. The time to return to daily life after a gastric balloon varies from patient to patient, but it is 1 to 3 days.

When the gastric balloon expires, the balloon is removed again by endoscopy. Removal is also performed under sedation. After the gastric balloon removal process, you can be discharged immediately and return to your daily life.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Placement Video

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