Ingestible Gastric Balloon Placement

How is Allurion Gastric Balloon Insertion Made?

The placement of ingestible gastric balloons is performed without endoscopy and anesthesia. You swallow the compressed gastric balloon in capsule form with water under the control of your doctor. At the end of the capsule is a thin catheter that serves to inflate the gastric balloon. X-rays are used to ensure that the balloon you swallowed with the catheter at the end is in the correct position in the stomach. When it is seen that it is in the correct position, your doctor inflates the balloon with liquid with the help of a catheter. The final condition of the swollen gastric balloon is checked by going to the X-RAY machine and X-raying again. And your doctor slowly pulls the catheter out of your mouth and ends the insertion. The operation takes an average of 10-15 minutes. During the insertion; patients who have gastric balloon inserted are conscious and interact with us. Your doctor informs and directs you at every stage.

Elipse Balloon Placement in 3 Easy Steps

Balloon is swallowed
Confirmed by X-ray
Balloon Inflates

What if I can't swallow the gastric balloon capsule?

This is the issue that our patients are most worried about, but the majority of them have no difficulty in swallowing the balloon. If you have difficulty, your doctor may help you swallow the balloon with a thin wire. Your doctor can put in the balloon to your stomach in a few seconds with the help of this wire.

Allurion Balloon does not require extraction!

Elipse Balloon does not require endoscopy to extract like other balloons. When the balloon expire, its contents are emptied spontaneously and are excreted from the body through defecation.

Allurion (Elipse) Balloon Placement Video

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