Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Revisional Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Revisional Bariatric Surgery can be performed on patients who have previously undergone any obesity surgery but have failed or received inadequate results for any reason. In these surgeries, the procedure previously applied can be changed and translated into another procedure, and the same procedure can be repeated as in patients who gain weight again after surgery.

For example, in the treatment of a patient who has had sleeve gastrectomy before but has regained weight after a certain period of time and his stomach has enlarged, Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed. Another patient who has had Sleeve Gastrectomy but cannot achieve the desired weight loss can be replaced by Gastric By-Pass method. The revision surgeries we usually perform are as follows.
Re-Sleeve Gastroctomy after Sleeve Gastrectomy
Turning Sleeve Gastrectomy into Gastric Bypass
Convertion Mini Gastric By-Pass surgery to RNY Gastric By-Pass or Duodenal Switch procedure
Revision surgeries are operations that last an average of 1-3 hours, although they differ according to the new procedure used in the previous surgery. Revision surgeries, which are more difficult for the surgeon than the first surgery, should be performed by surgeons with sufficient experience. Recovery times do not differ much and the considerations for the procedure applied are also valid after revision surgeries.

Finally, let's underline that patients who have previously undergone obesity surgery can only be treated with revision surgery if they gain weight again. It is not possible to treat people who have previously had gastric surgery with non-surgical methods such as gastric balloons and gastric Botox.

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